Facebook App for iPhone

The brand-new version of the Facebook application for iOS (iPod touch, Facebook App for iPhone, iPad) gains regarding speed and fluidity.

The variation 5.0 for iOS is two times faster than the previous one, whether at launch while scrolling through the news feed or opening pictures.

These enhancements are accompanied by a brand-new design and a banner suggesting the arrival of brand-new events and more ...

Download Facebook App on the App Shop (iOS): http://itunes.apple.com/app/facebook/id284882215

Facebook App for iPhone

Email, contacts, SMS, calendar, maps, video camera, etc. which are "default" apps on iPhone need no setup for a consumer. AdditionaIly to these "default" apps, individuals install, download and use various apps through App Shop and iTunes.

I use the Facebook app on an everyday basis, and to my surprise, Facebook brought out a makeover, upgrade to the Facebook app last week without previously alerting me as a user.

The house screen Facebook App for iPhone, is now a page where clients should choose and I can not comprehend what reasoning is behind the order of the performance and icons:

Facebook App for iPhone

Why is News Feed initially? Isn't Profile (users own profile) the most essential "Homepage," and why is the page not customizable?

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Check over here:
This page is empty, and consumers are supposed to add pages, good friends however the interaction concepts are unclear of selecting/deselecting faster ways.

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Why is "Wall" more crucial than "Information" and "Photos"?

Overall, I want to understand which concepts Facebook designers are using and if they consider that customers probably are using the Facebook app in a different way that the web version of Facebook?

Exactly what's improved are images, pictures (viewable on the Facebook app) which are shown in greater resolution and pleasant in contrast to previous image quality.

So, what do you think of the redesign of the iPhone Facebook app?