Criminal Case on Facebook

As an end user, I find Criminal Case on Facebook to be fascinating since of following facts:

In all the cases, they have nine criminal offense scenes. 6 of them ask you to "find the products specified in list" and other 3 generally perks levels consisting of jigsaw puzzle, time-attack mode( discover max variety of items in offered list of 60 in the criminal activity scene, within the designated time) and another one which requires you to identify missing items/ differences between 2 views.

As a child, I had constantly been interested in becoming a forensic professional. However, I was not able to pursue my dream due to personal reasons.I discover this video game to be more interesting than candy crush or mad birds because it is a detective-themed concealed item game. The "time attack mode" bonus level is a customized version of memory test, in my viewpoint and the one which involves discovering differences between two images have the tendency to sharpen my attention-to-detail.

Criminal Case on Facebook

Criminal Case on Facebook: Why is the Lawbreaker Case getting popular on Facebook?

It's a great video game with high production values. Great deals of time and resources were purchased producing it, and we did lots of playtesting, repeating, and questioning ourselves. Wrongdoer Case is the highest ranked top 10 game on Facebook, with over 1.5 M votes.
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It's developed to be intriguing idea away, as well as to keep gamers captivated on the long term, with one brand-new investigation being produced each week (that's lots of work).

Virality and Retention are developed to interact and provide players with meaningful social gameplay (daily energy presents, enormous leveling perks, etc.).