Changing Name on Facebook

" Exactly what remains in a name?" mused William Shakespeare in his tale of love failed, "Romeo and Juliet." While Facebook might not have a response, the website has a lot of limitations relating to the name you utilize. Chief amongst them is the requirement to use your true name. Facebook consists of changing name on Facebook choice. However, you can just modify your name when every 60 days and just then if you follow the Facebook guidelines.

Changing Name on Facebook

Changing Name on Facebook

Altering Your Name

Click the upside-down triangle representing Facebook's Options menu and choose "Settings" from the drop-down list. From the General Account Settings page, select "Edit" beside your name. When ended up, enter your password and choose "Conserve Modifications.".

Alternate Name

Include a new name with Facebook's Alternate Name setting. Facebook Assistance recommends a label, expert name or first name as examples. An additional name does not change your true name. If you are so select, the new name shows besides your true name on your Timeline and in search results page. Include an alternate name utilizing the very same General Account Settings used to alter your name.
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Aside from mandating you utilize your true name, Facebook enforces other constraints when altering your name. You can not use signs, numbers or unusual capitalizations like "mARk Wahlberg." All characters need to remain in the same language. You can not utilize a label in the location of a middle name, nor can you use offending or suggestive language in your name.