Can You See Who Views Your Facebook

Can you see who views your Facebook? Have you just recently established a crush? Gotten in touch with an old schoolmate? Accepted your employer' buddy demand? For much better or even worse, it might be beneficial to see who is visiting your profile. Does Facebook provide a method to find out who's seen your profile or posts?

Can you see who views your facebook

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook?

In spite of the reports you might have heard throughout the years, the response is a definite no. The idea of Facebook profile views is a simple misconception. The Facebook Aid Center states:

No. Facebook does not let you track who sees your profile or your posts (ex: your pictures.) Third-party apps are likewise not able to do this.

If you discover an app that states it can reveal you who's seeing your profile or posts, please report the app.
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Keep in mind Facebook's focus on third-party apps: Possibilities are you have come across a site or mobile app boldly declaring its service permits you to "See who sees your profile!" Not just are those third-party customers lying. However, they might be gathering your info or contaminating your gadget with malware. Whatever their objective, all these apps are rip-offs.

For more details, have a look at Facebook's information policy.