What Is My Facebook Id

What is my Facebook id? When Facebook was established, every user was offered an ID number. It started with ID # 0, which reroutes every user to their profile page.

What is my facebook id

What Is My Facebook Id?

ID numbers 1-3 were tests that Mark Zuckerberg utilized to at first evaluate Facebook; the profile pages not exist.

The very first genuine Facebook user begins at ID # 4. It comes from Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook ID numbers were designated in rather chronological order; schools were chunked up in blocks as much as 100,000 IDs. Harvard was the very first piece (0-99,999).

My number has to do with 5,500,000. This makes good sense because Syracuse was the 56th school on Facebook.

It's unclear how IDs were designated when Facebook broadened beyond college networks.

However, if you were an early Facebook member and signed up with through a university system, your ID number most likely carefully looks like the order where you registered for the website.

To discover this number, take a look at your Facebook profile page. Presuming you didn't decide to alter the URL a couple of years back, it will be followed by a long string of numbers:

http://www.facebook.com/ profile.php?id= 5500957.

That number, i.e. 5500957, is it.
See it here:
If you wondered about your number and altered your URL, here's ways to discover it:.

Go to your Facebook profile. Take a look at the top of your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and to go "View" then "View Source" from the drop-down.

Browse the page (hold down "Command" and "F" on a Mac) for "profile_id="

A couple of outcomes will appear, and all of them must be followed by a long string of numbers, such as "5500957.".

That long string of numbers is your account number.

If you wish to determine the precise date you signed up with Facebook, visit your Facebook profile page and scroll all the method down. On the far best side of the page, you'll see "Current" followed by a lot of years. Click the earliest year. At the bottom, above when you were born, you'll see the precise date you signed up with Facebook.