What Is m.facebook.com?

What is m.facebook.com? Mobile variation http://m.facebook.com is more fixed and less smooth user interface. Much better for lower battery usage and weaker hardware, I expect. If you have Opera Mini, which isn't great with JavaScript, this is excellent.

What Is m.facebook.com?

What Is m.facebook.com

Mobile Touch variation http://touch.facebook.com is more vibrant. Simpler access to groups and lists (like complete change left wing), more slick user interface, and so on. You can see these links by clicking the button (white stripes) in leading left corner of the page.

Caution: Logout button is likewise in this secret menu on the bottom! A bad thing if you ask me.
Non-touch has repaired width of the material, while Touch fills the entire width in IE10.
Check it out:
Likewise, Touch variation, a minimum of on Desktop entirely internet browser (IE10), instantly loads next batch of posts when you scroll to the bottom.

( Take a look at the connected image - hope it loads - and see that I recorded screenshot while packing.).

In a non-touch variation, posts are paginated, and you need to click to see the next page.

Keep in mind: On my HTC Desire phone, m.facebook.com reroutes to Touch variation in native internet browser and Opera 18 for Android 4.x.