What Does My Facebook Look Like to Others

What does my Facebook look like to others? It's crucial to understanding how Facebook appears to audiences. Many platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, keep their first profile the same however, what Facebook reveals you can be extremely various to exactly what it shows other users depending upon your settings.

I believed I 'd show you ways to examine your public Facebook profile, so you understand precisely what's on it for individuals to see. This is excellent from a PR and blogging point of view, as it reveals you how you were planning to the world!

The best ways to examine your what does my Facebook look like to others individuals

Action 1-- Go to your profile ...

what does my facebook look like to others

Action 2-- Click the three dots beside 'View Activity Log' ...

Action 3-- Then click 'Consider as ...'.

what does my facebook look like to others mobile

Step 4-- Your timeline will now appear precisely as it appears to a member of the general public who stumbles upon your profile.

what does my facebook account look like to others
Find this:
Step 5-- Click the 'Consider as a particular individual' in the black bar on top if you wish to see your page from a pals viewpoint ...

what does facebook look like to others

If you aren't pleased with how your page aims to the general public, you can quickly alter this in the personal privacy settings.

It might even make you understand, like me, that maybe it's time to obtain an appropriate page for your blog site!

I hope you discover this little 'the best ways to examine' helpful and it makes you more knowledgeable about how you appear online.