What Does It Mean To Archive A Message On Facebook

Is your inbox filled with messages that you wish to get rid off however you just cannot erase? Facebook lets you declutter messages without the threat of losing them entirely through archiving. What does it mean to archive a message on Facebook? When you archive a discussion on Facebook, the message will be concealed from your messages see permitting you to access your essential messages quickly. Follow these basic actions about archiving a discussion on Facebook.

what does it mean to archive a message on facebook


  • Go to your Inbox by clicking Messages on the left tab of your homepage.
how to archive in facebook

  • Try to find the message you wish to archive and click X to it.

how to archive in facebook chat

  • You might likewise click the message to open it. Click Actions, then pick Archive from the drop-down menu.

how to archive on facebook
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Things You Had to Know:

  • You might still see archived messages. To do this, gain access to your Messages. Click More discovered next to Other Folder. Pick Archived to see archived discussion.
  • The message will come back in your inbox if the same individual sends you a message.
  • To completely get rid of a message in your inbox, you have the choice to erase it.

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