What Does the Flower on Facebook Mean

What does the flower on Facebook mean? Time reports that the flower response was presented for Mom's Day. That's right; the purple flower makes it possible for users to send their mom a digital emoji as a thank you for bring to life me and tolerating all my rubbish.

What does the flower on facebook mean

What Does the Flower on Facebook Mean?

We like innovation however ideally you sent your mom some real flowers for Mom's Day. There's one mom that has all the typical reactions to getting a flaky present on Mom's Day: Cookie Lyon.
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Cookie has a method with words, specifically when she thinks she's being considered approved. Lucious has heard a few of Cookie's finest returns, and she isn't frightened to slap Jamal every as soon as in a while. When Hakeem acts out Cookie is understood to break out that broom. Boo Cat knows much better, and Andre has absolutely nothing, however, regard for his mama.

what does the flower symbol mean on facebook

Here are ten methods Cookie would respond to among her young boys sending her a Facebook flower for Mom's Day:
  1. Absolutely nothing states dissatisfaction like Cookie's eyes.
  2. If she gets the message throughout supper.
  3. Exactly what she desires is some regard.
  4. Y' all understand Cookie's nerves bad.
  5. No words required.
  6. 17 years and this is all I get !?
  7. 2 words.
  8. You believe it's a video game?