Personal Facebook Into A Page

I have understood many individuals just recently who have had their Facebook profiles suspended due to them using a Facebook profile for representing companies. Personal Facebook into a page...

Facebook make clear that this cannot be done. It protects the Facebook Terms to utilize an individual account to describe something aside from yourself such as your organization. If you're using your account to serve something besides yourself, you might completely lose access to your account. If you remain in this scenario, then there is a method to transform your individual account into a page. What kind of page? Well, you can have a look at my description of Facebook page types here.

Personal Facebook Into A Page

Individual profiles are specified as being for non-commercial usage and represent solely private people. Profiles can be followed enabling you to see public updates from people that you have an interest in however aren't buddies with. Pages do look much like individual profiles. However, they consist of a variety of sharp tools for services, brand names or organizations. Pages are handled by persons who have a personal Facebook account, and each account can handle numerous Pages. Pages resemble and updates to these pages in News Feed.

Facebook have specified procedure to transform an individual account into an organization account. My recommendations are to establish a page for your service regularly. Do not create a page for you representing your organization, however a page for your service. For instance, on Facebook, I have my individual profile page and a page for my service. They have two distinctly various functions. For both, I'm not worried about the quantity of good friends I have or some likes I have as long as they're the very best quality. Long gone are the days when amount matter. Quality is without a doubt the very best things to have.
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When an individual profile is transformed into a Page, your existing profile photo is moved throughout and your good friends and fans are included as people who like your page. Your account username ends up being the username for your Page, and the name of your individual account will become your Page's name. No other details consisting of the important things you have shared will be moved over to your brand-new page, so ensure you download your personal account info before transforming. Directions on downloading your info from Facebook is offered listed below.

Personal Facebook Into A Page

To transform your page, follow these directions:

  1. Go to the page to move your profile (click on this link).
  2. Select the classification you would like your Page.
  3. Then pick a more particular classification from the drop-down menu and complete the needed info.
  4. Select Get going and follow the on-screen guidelines.

To download your details from Facebook:

  1. On the top right of any Facebook page choose Settings.
  2. Select Download a copy of your Facebook information listed below your General Account Settings.
  3. Select Start My Archive.

Keep in mind that since this downloaded file includes your profile info, you need to keep it protect continuously.

If you require aid in developing your service on Facebook on other social channels, do get in contact.