Instagram User Statistics

2016 respected Instagram. With the launch of some brand-new functions (like Stories, Live, and Galleries) and remarkable user development, Instagram User Statistics, Instagram handled to show why it is among the most effective social media networks, threaten Snapchat's supremacy in ephemeral messaging, and broaden its function set so regarding raising it beyond picture sharing.

This list was initially published in September 2016, however, ever since, there have been remarkable modifications in the stats that specify Instagram. So, in the interest of keeping this post precise and existing, we have upgraded it to show the latest details. We have maintained the initial text and plainly kept in mind updates listed below choose passages.

Instagram has gone through a variety of substantial modifications in the last couple of years, from integrating video ability in June 2013 to introducing Instagram Stories, a function which enables the platform's 500M users to share vanishing material, in August 2016.

Instagram's user base and the method individuals connect with Instagram material has been slowly moving too; for online marketers, remaining present on the most recent Instagram demographics, data, and use patterns can assist brand names to make wise choices relating to future social networks marketing projects.

Instagram User Statistics

Instagram User Statistics

1. Instagram Now Has 600M Overall Users & 300M Daily Active Users

Though Instagram is approaching its six-year anniversary (it introduced in October 2010), the image- and video-sharing app reveals no indication of decreasing.

Instagram just recently crossed the 500M user mark (300M of whom utilize the platform day-to-day), and TechCrunch just recently kept in mind that the platform's development has really been speeding up-- it took 9 months for Instagram to grow from 300M to 400M users, and just 8 months to grow from 400M to 500M users.

UPDATE: In April 2017, Instagram revealed that it had more than 700 million overall users, and income call from moms and dad business Facebook exposed that Instagram has more than 400 million day-to-day active users. Instagram's Stories function alone draws over 200 million day-to-day active users.
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2. Instagram Users Invest 20 Minutes Daily On The App

Instagram users invest 20 minutes on the app every day, inning accordance with a current research study performed by Comparable Web. For contrast, the research study discovered that social networks users invested 45 minutes on Facebook, 19 minutes on Snapchat, and 13 minutes on Twitter every day, making Instagram the second-most utilized social platform in the United States.

UPDATE: Our research study on the quantity of time users invest in social networks over a life time reveals that users are investing about 15 minutes daily on Instagram. For more details, context, and figures on time invested in Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter, see our infographic.

3. 55% Of U.S. 18- To 29-Year-Olds Are Instagram Users

Though older generations are welcoming and utilizing Instagram, the platform is still mainly preferred by more youthful demographics. A current study discovered that 55% of all Instagram users fall within the 18- to 29-year-old variety, while 30- to 49-year olds comprise approximately 28% of platform's overall users.

A different April 2016 research study by eMarketer found that 59% of U.S. 18- to 24-year-olds utilize Instagram compared to 62% of the same group who utilize Snapchat and 89% who utilize Facebook.

UPDATE: The latest research study from Bench Proving ground shows that the general portion of 18-29 years of age on Instagram has increased from 55% to 59%.

4. 36% Of All U.S. Social media network Users Are On Instagram

Inning accordance with eMarketer, over a 3rd of all social media network users in the United States (an approximated 185M individuals), are on Instagram, compared to 90% who utilize Facebook and 28% who utilize Twitter. Based upon the research study company's forecasts, this figure will grow to 40% by 2017 and reach almost 50% of all social networks users by the year 2020.

5. 30% Of All Worldwide Web Users Are On Instagram

For online marketers aiming to reach worldwide audiences, Instagram is popular outside the United States too. At the end of 2015, analytics company Worldwide Web Index discovered that 30% of all around the world web users aged 16 - 64 (omitting China) had actually developed an Instagram account, and 15% were thought about "active" users (they checked in to Instagram a minimum of when each month).

UPDATE: Bench Proving ground's newest report on social networks utilize discovered that 32% of grownups utilizing the web worldwide are on Instagram.

6. 27% Of Teenagers Think about Instagram One of an Essential Social Platform

In Piper Jaffray's bi-annual "Taking Stock With Teenagers" study, 27% of teenage participants declared that Instagram was the most crucial social networks network, below 33% in Fall 2015. In contrast, 28% stated that Snapchat was the most crucial social media, 18% stated Twitter was crucial, and 17% stated Facebook was an essential social networks network/platform (Fortune).

7. Over 80% Of Instagram Users Live Outdoors The United States

With over 80% of users coming from outside the United States, Instagram is genuinely a worldwide platform (Instagram). Instead of this market insight, online marketers ought to want to Instagram when establishing global social networks projects too, particularly those that concentrate on blossoming Spanish-speaking and Asian markets.

8. U.S. Grownup Instagram Users Have Increased 2X Considering that 2012

An additional illustration of Instagram's development, Bench Research study discovered that the percentage of U.S. grownups (those aged 18 years and older) on Instagram more than doubled in just three years, growing from 13% of the overall U.S. population in 2012 to 28% of the population by 2015. Paired with Instagram's a lot of active users, this development and penetration represent an important chance for online marketers.

9. 32% Of Instagram Users Attend/Attended College

Though the relationship in between individuals who utilize Instagram and level of education is not an extensive one, it deserves keeping in mind that Instagram is most preferred by those who have some college (32% of all web users), followed by those with college degrees or greater (26% of all web users) and those with high school diploma or less (25% of overall U.S. web users, inning accordance with Seat Research study).

10. Females Are Most Likely To Utilize Instagram Than Guys

Inning accordance with Seat Research study, 31% of female web users, are on Instagram compared with just 24% of male web users. When segmented to U.S. Instagram users who go to the platform daily, the distinction in between genders is a lot more unique amongst everyday active Instagram users (DAUs), 65% are females compared with just 35% male (eMarketer).

UPDATE: Bench's research study reveals that space widening. Since January 2017, Bench discovered that 32% of females utilizing the web are on Instagram rather than 23% of males.

11. Instagram Is Many Popular Amongst Non-White Web Users

A group fact that might come as a surprise to lots of online marketers, Instagram is most popular with non-white web users. Amongst U.S. web users, 47% of Instagram users are Black, Non-Hispanic, 38% are Hispanic, and 21% are White, Non-Hispanic (Bench Research study).

12. Instagram Is (Practically) Similarly Popular Throughout Earnings Levels

The quantity of loan United States web users make in one year has little influence on Instagram use. A 2015 research study discovered that 26% of web users who earn less than $30K a year utilized Instagram, though that portion just increased partially (to 30%) for U.S.

Web users making $75K a year or more. Based on these findings, it appears the desire to take a look at interesting Instagram pictures and videos (and the ad therein) goes beyond earnings levels.

UPDATE: Bench's current research study reveals this still is true. Twenty-nine percent of grownups on social networks earning less than $30,000 each year are on Instagram, 27% of grownups making $30,000-$ 49,999, and 30% of grownups making more than $50,000.

13. Instagram Users More than likely To Reside in Cities, Least Likely To Reside in Backwoods

Unlike earnings levels, where a web user lives play a bigger function in whether they are Instagram users. Inning accordance with Seat, 32% of web users in city locations (cities) and 28% of web users in the suburbs are Instagram users. Instagram User Statistics, Just 18% of those residing in backwoods, by contrast, claim to be Instagram users.

UPDATE: The most current numbers from Bench recommend that rural users are capturing up. Since January 2017, 34% of Instagram users reside in city locations, 24% reside in the suburbs, and 35% reside in backwoods.