Instagram Contest Ideas

Instagram is a fantastic method to market your organization and grow your sales. With over 300 million month-to-month active users, and more than 75 million utilize the app daily, small companies who are currently active on the social networks platform can, even more, increase engagement on Instagram. With such a big possible audience for your service, there is no need to leave this channel untapped.

Instagram Contest Ideas

If you have been thinking about getting an Instagram, however, have not done it yet-- now is the time. Starting on Instagram and utilizing it as a small company marketing tool is simpler than you believe. Whether your business is brand-new to Instagram or currently utilizing the platform, you might be uninformed of simply just how much Instagram can benefit your business when it concerns engagement.

From all the social networks platforms, Instagram manages far the most engagement. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and most other significant platforms clock in at a low engagement rate: 0.1%. Instagram, however, blows them from the water with an unheard-of 4.21% engagement rate.

Instagram provides 58 times more engagement per fan than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per fan than Twitter. Those are some major numbers!

Exactly what's the trick to enhancing engagement on Instagram? One attempted, and real approach is running or hosting contests for Instagram. Inning accordance with psychologists, the appeal of "FREE" can not be downplayed, and contests and free gifts on Instagram are the ideal methods to take advantage of that disposition to totally free things.

Instagram Contest Ideas

Kinds of Instagram Contests

There is numerous type of Instagram contests. However, it can be stated that there are three significant ones:

1. Want to Win Contests

This kind of Instagram gift is among the most basic designs of social networks contests out there. In a "want to win" contest, business just asks Instagram users to like an image to participate in the contest. A winner is then arbitrarily picked amongst the "likes." These are likewise called "double-tap to win" contests.

These kinds of Instagram free gifts have a couple of advantages, chief amongst them being that they provide a low barrier to entry and are extremely simple to establish. On the other hand, these kinds of contests have low client engagement, and while they do not take much effort to get in, they do not get consumers extremely took part in the brand name either.
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2. Hashtag Contests

For these kinds of Instagram contests, you have to develop a special contest-specific hashtag. You then ask individuals to share a picture or submit a video utilizing that hashtag. This creates engagement and spreads out a connect to your Instagram profile to lots of profiles throughout the platform.

Hashtag contests deepen the psychological connection in between customers and your brand name because the individuals are publishing their images that refer to your distinct hashtag.

The hashtag offers a typical watching premises for all entries. Plus, by motivating users to send their images and videos, you produce distinct, real material that others can associate with. Obviously, this is a substantially bigger barrier to entry than other kinds of contests.

Make sure to make sure that you keep the contest simple: keep the hashtag short, and do not request for excessive (for instance, do not ask entrants to take and submit a picture, hashtag it and tag good friends.

3. Email Gated Contests

These kinds of contests for Instagram integrate e-mail and Instagram to assist you to produce leads for your service. They are run by asking individuals for their e-mail address to get in. This contest has a two-fold advantage: it's a fantastic method to construct your e-mail list and get distinct user-generated-content.

This kind of contest has a greater barrier to entry, where most users desire a fast and simple approach to entry. To make certain email-gated contests achieve success, there must be an extremely appealing and rather big reward such as a shopping spree or big reward bundle.

The Reward is Secret

There are lots of methods to utilize and execute social networks contest concepts, however, in order to guarantee that your contests for Instagram succeed, you have to keep your eye on the reward you distribute for your contest. Depending upon your spending plan and audience, there are various kinds of rewards you can distribute. Make certain the reward is attracting.

The reward of your contest ought to connect to your service-- it might be an item discount rate, totally free products from your brand name, or present cards. If you're running the contest around a vacation, aim to market it around that style.

You can even partner with another regional organization to obtain double the audience and double the engagement. Read this short article for additional information about rewards and selecting a winner for social networks contests.

Object to Concepts for Instagram

Contests are a fantastic method to improve a brand name or small companies. Small companies in specific can discover excellent success on Instagram.

Have a look at these cool Instagram contest concepts for motivation for your very own Instagram contest:

1. Om Nom Cookies Store Vegan cookie business

Om Nom ran a hashtag contest, where they asked entrants to take an image of themselves with an Om Nom cookie and tag the Instagram post with a brand-specific hashtag. The reward was an Om Nom t-shirt.

The contest succeeded and is a great design to follow. The contest is easy to get in and has a brief entry duration, providing a fast and significant engagement increase. This type of contest might be utilized regular monthly or perhaps weekly and be incorporated into different styles or vacations.

2. Frank Body Scrubs Skin care business

Frank Body has made the rounds on social networks channels and has taken off on Instagram in the previous year alone. With 663,000 fans and over 5000 likes and almost 100 remarks per Instagram post, they're doing something right.

Frank Body has a running contest where he motivates users to send images of themselves utilizing his items and his brand name's hashtags. He then includes the images on the brand name's Instagram page and provides the users a complimentary item as a benefit. The contest works wonderfully, motivating consistent engagement and supplying Frank Body with the initial material at little expense!

3. Kabuki Hollywood Japanese dining establishment

Kabuki Hollywood dining establishment makes terrific usage of free gifts on Instagram. They run contests regularly, and the contests reward both routine devoted clients and beginners.

In the contest above, Kabuki motivates restaurants to take an image of their meals and hashtag it with #KabukiHollywood to be gone into to win a present card to the dining establishment. The reward is the smartest part of the contest, as it motivates customers to come back to the dining establishment. Many customers will wind up investing more than the $50 present card, generating earnings to the dining establishment!

Run Your very own Instagram Contest

The only method you'll find out what works best for your organization is to attempt it! Attempt various Instagram contest concepts during a month or more. Tape the outcomes the number of likes, shares, remarks, and involvement does each kind of contest get?

Keep a mindful tally and utilize this details to assist you to identify exactly what sort of contests are best matched to your brand name. And keep in mind: however numerous contests run themselves, it's important that you market them too.

Cross-promote your Instagram contest on your Twitter and Facebook pages, and send out the word through your site and e-mail list. Instagram Contest Ideas, Utilize every technique of ad you can think about to enhance engagement and see genuine outcomes!