How to Watch Facebook Live

How to watch Facebook live? Facebook has presented live broadcasts that you can view from any gadget. With Facebook Live, anybody with a Facebook account and a device with a video camera can transmit to all their good friends and fans. You can discover these broadcasts as they take place in your News Feed, and can get informed when your preferred broadcasters begin a brand-new program.

How to Watch Facebook Live


How to watch facebook live

1. Discover a live video to view in your News Feed. When individuals you follow and your buddies are streaming live video, you'll see it appear in your News Feed.

how to watch facebook live on pc

2. Have a look at the Facebook Live Map. Facebook has a map of the world that reveals who's broadcasting live today. See in your internet browser to see who's streaming and live directly on their video.

  • Hover over each blue dot to see a sneak peek of the feed. Larger dots show more traditional streams. Click a dot to begin seeing live.
  • The Live Map is not presently readily available on mobile phones.

how to watch facebook live on computer

3. Follow some famous celebs, business, and companies. Facebook Live remains in the hands of a lot of prominent individuals and businesses, and you'll encounter a lot more live broadcasts if you follow huge names.

  • To follow somebody, open the Facebook profile page. Tap or click the Like button at the top of the page. This will immediately set you to begin developing. You'll get updates on your News Feed whenever they start relaying.

how to watch facebook live on desktop
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4. Look for "#live" in the Facebook search field. Your mileage might differ with this quest. However, this is a popular hashtag for individuals transmitting live. You might have the ability to discover people that frequently relay so that you can follow them and see all their most popular broadcasts.

how to watch facebook live on laptop

5. Compose remarks that the broadcaster can see live. Remarks that you type will show up in the broadcaster's user interface, and they'll have the ability to react to them in the whole time.

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6. Share a live feed with others. Tap or click the "Share" button to share the live broadcast with other individuals. This can assist the broadcaster to get more direct exposure.

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7. Discover old live videos on individuals' timelines. When somebody surfaces transmitting live, and archive of that recording stays on their schedule (unless they eliminate it). You can check out schedules to discover old broadcasts. As soon as you find an old Live show, a playlist of all the old shows will be packed.