How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Messages

This time I will share a tutorial on "How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Messages". Please follow the steps below.

If you have obstructed somebody from messaging you.You can unclog him/her by following these actions.

how to unblock someone on facebook messages

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Messages

( You need to do this on a desktop website for it to work. YES, you can unclog somebody you're not good friends with, or do not want to end up being good friends with).

Action 1: Go to your good friend's profile (Example:

Step 2: Copy the "arif.rahman.01" part and paste it to this link:
( so it needs to appear like this example:

Action 3: Send out a message (of any kind) to the individual.

Step 4: You'll discover the message didn't send/there was a mistake in sending out the message (this is proper!).

Step 5: Click the "Unblock" button near the top of the open chat, then REVITALIZE the page.
Action 6: Your pal ought to now be unblocked!
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