How To Turn Off Your Location On Facebook

Place sharing and service in Facebook assists you to share your immediate area in your posts or while utilizing messages. How to turn off your location on Facebook?

If you do not desire this service to be allowed, you can turn it off in your posts in addition to messages.

This can be done utilizing both web internet browser and Facebook mobile app.

how to turn off location on facebook desktop

How to turn off your location on Facebook utilizing a web internet browser

If you are using on the internet, the area box will be on the left bottom corner on post box that will appear like this area.

You can turn it off quickly when you are utilizing Facebook on your computer system.

Just move your cursor to the indication "x" appearing in the post box and click it to eliminate your area from that post.

How to turn off your location on facebook

Nevertheless, this is temporarily off.

You have to eliminate this whenever you do not wish to share your place.
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To Shut off Place Service On Mobile

If you are utilizing Facebook mobile app, then you can eliminate your area completely for all messages and wall post by going to settings.

All you need to do is to follow these actions:

  • Open your Facebook application.
  • Open Settings (in android you have to tap the menu button and after that choose settings).
  • Then go to Messenger area services and uncheck "Place is on" then OK.

how to turn off your location on facebook posts

  • If you are utilizing iPhone, go to your iPhone Settings by clicking Settings icon, then go to personal privacy, then go to Place Provider, then scroll down to Facebook and toggle off.

how to turn off location on facebook on computer