How to Setup a Facebook Username

How to setup a Facebook username or Facebook Web Address for Your Facebook Profile or Page.

how to setup a facebook username

How to Setup a Facebook Username

1. Log into your Facebook account.
2. In the internet browser bar type
3. Now set an individual Facebook URL/username for your profile or page

How is a username essential?

You understand when somebody searches you on Facebook by your name, comparable names appear which individual can not identify which of the profiles come from you. By establishing a unique  username you can direct people directly to your profile or Facebook page without them needing to browse for you.
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Keep in mind: After setting your username, you can just alter it as soon as after setting it for the very first time. So be cautious on exactly what username to pick. For profile pages, I recommend you utilize your complete name or the very first abbreviation of your given name then your surname.  Example or

These are the actions Facebook offered establishing a username for a profile or page (Service or fan page).

1. Go to
2. Listed below Develop your Facebook web address, choose your Page. From the drop-down menu.
3. Type a username and click Inspect Accessibility.
4. If the username is offered, click Verify.

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