How to Select Cover Photo on Facebook

Now that we understand the best ways to develop your cover picture, the concern is precise how to select cover photo on Facebook? Exit cover images that work best than others? Let's examine.

how to select cover photo on facebook

How to Select Cover Photo on Facebook

Finest practices

To begin with, let's talk about a few of the very best practices when it concerns Facebook cover image. Hubspot and combination farm have created a fantastic list of Do's and Do n's when it concerns cover pictures. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Follow Facebook's guidelines
  • Respect Facebook's needed measurements (851px broad by 315 px high) 
  • Have a top quality image
  • Stay primarily visual
  • Don't conceal material behind your profile picture
  • Right lineup items in your cover photo
  • Integrate you cover photo style with the rest of your page
  • Have an image that is initial and individual that associates with your brand name

What Kind of Image Draws in Individuals

We just recently checked out a few of the elements that make images shareable which ended up being:

  • Feeling: Making people feel, leads them to take action
  • Relevance: Consisting of something that fits with your audience's interest
  • Colors: Choosing the best colors that will result in the most shares
  • Typography: Selecting the ideal typeface that will make your message clear
  • Hashtags and Text: Discover the best words that will lead your audience to communicate

These parts can likewise be used to your Facebook cover image to make individuals feel a particular method or take an appropriate action when they concern your page.

For instance, Coca-Cola's cover image utilizes the brand name's widely acknowledged red as a background with one easy word "Joy" using a lovely typography constructed out of straw. This naturally in the hopes of making individuals feel joy when believing go Coca-Cola and to make the connection in peoples' mind that consuming a coke suggests comfort. Uncomplicated and efficient!
Check it out:

Where Do Individuals Look?

When creating your ideal cover picture, it may be intriguing to check out some eye tracking research studies. Something that I discovered especially intriguing in a post from Kissmetrics on the topic is the concept of "directional lines."

It was found that if you wish to accentuate a particular product in an image, having a visual line like an individual's look taking a look at that product will assist audiences to exactly what they need to take a look at next. This might be an unusual method to utilize an individual's look in your Facebook cover picture.

Something else Kissmetrics discovered that might be worth experimenting with is to consist of an aspect that "pops" in your cover image. That aspect must be the one that matters and the one that requires action.

Believing Outside package

The cover picture is a wonderful method to reveal yourself however likewise a method to stand apart when individuals visit your page. Here are some fundamental ways you can utilize your cover picture (a couple of are motivated by Fishpond's short article):

  • Connect Your Profile Image to your Cover Picture.
  • Modification your cover picture based upon unique celebrations, occasions, sales or vacations.
  • Utilize your cover image to send out individuals to your site.
  • Use your cover picture to send out people to an exclusive deal.
  • Ask your fans to "Like" your page
  • Ask your fans to share your page
  • Include Easter Eggs that lead fans to a unique gift or unique occasion.