How To See All Messages On Facebook

How to see all messages on Facebook - The majority of Facebook users have now downloaded the Facebook Messenger App-- all of us downloaded this app to make sure that we got ALL our Facebook messages, right?

Well, surprise! Facebook Messenger has a "secret" folder that houses messages that can appear spammy. (think about it as an e-mail system) Anybody who aims to send you a personal message without being your buddy on Facebook will rather send out a 'word demand,' which the recipient can check out and after that choose whether they wish to enable any interaction.

Well, a few of those messages (from non-friends) can be misinterpreted as spam and get filtered into this hidden folder without ever informing us. Holy mac role right?

How to see all messages on facebook

Are you all set to see ways to discover this "secret" Facebook folder? This is astonishing you all.

Here are the best ways to see this secret Filtered Facebook Message Folder:

How To See All Messages On Facebook


  1. Go to MESSAGES and click SEE ALL at the bottom.
  2. On the left side of your screen, you will see a button that state MORE-- click it.
  3. Then click FILTERED.
Now, you will see A Great Deal Of Facebook messages that were removed as spam.
Check over here:


  1. Click the Facebook Messenger App.
  2. Click SETTINGS on the bottom right-hand man corner.
Here, you will discover these filtered messages that you have not been alerted of.

Certainly, this function has been around for a while. However, users are only figuring all of it out. Do not feel sorry-- I am only finding this folder also. I personally simply discovered this hidden folder, and I had more than 30 unread messages that I wasn't even conscious that I had gotten. So, exactly what do you mean consider this secret messages folder in messenger-- it can be a good idea to keep the creeps away. However, some legitimate messages wind up in there that we aren't alerted of. Begin Facebook-- get it together!.