How to Login to Facebook Full Site on iPhone

By default, any cellphone or tablet will reveal the mobile variation of the Facebook site directly. If you are browsing the Facebook site by a web internet web browser from your iPhone, it is going to reveal the mobile variation which is having a different look than the basic desktop site. It does not suggest you can not access the entire site. Here is the standard how to login to Facebook full site on iPhone , it can be iPhone 6, Sixes as well as the present SE.

This method uses to iPad, iPad mini, and Pro too. Since you will be immediately rerouted to mobile variation from these devices, follow noted below actions to get to the Facebook entire desktop site.

how to login to facebook full site on iphone

How to Login to Facebook Full Site on iPhone 


a) Log-in to your Facebook account from the web browser. Usually, it will login to the mobile variation (, no issues, let's go to the next action.

b) As quickly as you have efficiently gone to Facebook from any web internet web browser from iPhone, now change the web address to That will open the desktop total variation of Facebook on your iPhone as below. It does not matter which web browser or iOS variation you are using, nevertheless, it works!

how to get to facebook full site on iphone
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If you are a Safari web internet web browser user, you have an additional option to request for the desktop variation.

Open the Safari web browser and go to, as expected you will be rerouted to loose change. Before or after login to your FB account, tap the share button and select 'Need Desktop Site' as exposed noted below. That will supply the Facebook desktop site on your iPhone or iPad gizmo.

how do i go to facebook full site on iphone

I ensure these two samples actions will work. Although it is not needed to browse the Facebook full website login iPhone on your little screen sized iPhone or tablet, in case you need, this guide would come in handy.

Continuously, their mobile variation on the web browser and the Facebook app will allow you to do whatever you usually do on the desktop site.