How To Find A Post On Facebook

Are you looking for a particular post on Facebook? How to find a post on Facebook...

There are a few methods to look for Facebook Posts without needing to go too far into the weeds.

How To Find A Post On Facebook

# 1 Usage Chart Browse

If you keep in mind an expression of the post or exactly what the post had to do with, you can utilize the Chart Browse function at the top of the Page. Get in the expression and after that use the magnifying glass to obtain all the outcomes.

How to find a post on facebook

Then you will have the ability to arrange through the posts from your good friends or any posts that are public that have this expression in it. You can likewise utilize this beautiful more basic searches to learn exactly what individuals are publishing about around a particular subject!

how to find a post on facebook timeline
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# 2 Usage Your Activity Log

If you have connected with the post in some method-- liked it, talked about it, or shared it someplace-- you can discover it in your Activity Log.

how to find a post on facebook from a long time ago

Now you can see your latest activity, where the activity took place, and you can even browse your activity.