How to Deactivate FB Account Temporarily

How to deactivate FB account temporarily: Facebook is without a doubt the most popular social media worldwide. In spite of this, not everybody is pleased with the network. Daily, countless individuals decide to Shut down Facebook Account or completely erase their Facebook account. You might likewise wish to deactivate it if your profile was hacked. If you suit among these patterns, we can assist you. Today we will find out The best ways to Shut off Facebook Account.

How to deactivate fb account temporarily

Erasing and shutting off a Facebook account are two entirely various things. If you are thinking about just taking time out to the social media, the very best option is to deactivate your account momentarily. This suggests that after you deactivate your account, you can return it at any time by just logging into it.

In the meantime, your profile info, such as timeline and search publications, will be concealed to everybody. On the other hand, your images, buddies, and discussions will be kept on Facebook servers so that you can recover them when you choose to visit once again.

After this description, if you are still persuaded that you wish to require time from the social media network let's find out ways to Shut down Facebook Account.

How to Deactivate FB Account Temporarily

Action 1.

First off, log into your Facebook account and click the down arrow in the upper right corner. Then pick the "Settings" choice.

how to deactivate fb profile temporarily

Action 2.

On the screen that opens, pick the "Security" choice in the menu left wing. Then click "Edit" in the "Deactivate your account" choice.

how to temporarily deactivate my fb profile
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Action 3.

With that done, Facebook will attempt to encourage you that this is not the very best option. It will state that your good friends will miss you and other inexpensive psychological blackmail. Go on, get in a need to be deactivating your account and click the blue "Disable" button at the bottom of the screen.

how to temporarily deactivate my fb account

Hopefully, this article can help you when you want to deactivate your facebook account