How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger Android

Are you frustrated by somebody in Messenger because she or he keeps sending you messages and even calling you? In a previous guide, we showed how you could obstruct someone in Facebook Messenger on iPhone. There is a comparable function to block individuals or particular contact on Android gadgets also. Today we will utilize Facebook Messenger app on a Samsung Android smart device to reveal you how to block someone on Facebook messenger android so they cannot send you spam or messages or call you in Messenger app.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger Android?

Run Messenger app on your Android phone, such as Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Sharp, ZTE, Philips cell phones. The chat history tab opens in FB Messenger app by default, see listed below screenshot on a Samsung Android phone.

how to block someone on facebook messenger android

You can discover your discussions, chat history, call history from above screen of Facebook Messenger for Android. See and touch the contact or Messenger user you want to contribute to obstructing list; you will then open your chat history or earlier discussion with them. See the Facebook Messenger chat & discussion window on Android mobile like below.

block someone on facebook messenger android

From a high window, you can see all your history with the chosen individual or Facebook user, consisting of sent out or gotten messages, pictures, videos, music and other files, inbound or outbound contact Messenger, missed out on employ Messenger, and so on. See likewise this overview of make complimentary video calls utilizing Facebook Messenger app on mobile. In the high chat windows with the individual you prefer to stop getting messages and calls from, you can discover a details button on top right corner. Touch this button; you will be required to a screen like this.

bblock on facebook messenger android
See here now:
Now the Facebook Messenger contact information screen opens on your Android cell phone. Here you can discover numerous communication level settings and choices for the chosen Messenger contact or user. For instance, you can make audio calls, video calls with this individual through Facebook Messenger. At the bottom of this list, you can discover the alternative to obstruct people in Facebook Messenger for Android. Tap on Block; you will open another screen with more choices to block individual in FB Messenger.

block facebook messenger android

From the above Facebook Messenger Block window, you can switch on Block Messages to stop getting messages and calls from the chosen contact individual in FB Messenger. Other than that, you can likewise discover a Block people on Facebook choice. When you obstruct somebody in Messenger, it does not instantly obstruct them on Facebook. If you wish to prevent someone on Facebook, you can block them there.

Blocking someone or unfriend them and makes it so you cannot see each other's Facebook activity. You can describe this guide for more information: actions to obstruct somebody in Facebook and Messenger from the web. If you are utilizing Facebook on iPhone, you can likewise describe this tutorial to block individuals in Facebook on iPhone.

More Facebook & Messenger Spam and Obstructing Tips

  • When you obstruct somebody in Messenger, they'll not have the ability to call you in Messenger. You'll likewise not have the capacity to call them in Messenger. This consists of sending out or getting messages, inbound and outbound calls through Facebook Messenger.

  • If you and the individual you obstruct remain in a group discussion together, you'll be informed before you get in the debate. If you decide to go into a group discussion with the individual you obstructed, you'll able to see their messages, and they'll have the ability to see yours because of discussion.