How to Block Facebook Website in Windows 8.1

There are some approaches how to block Facebook website in windows 8.1 or 8 however it depends upon the kind of limitation you have to have. For instance, would you want to block sites for everybody on the computer system or particular individuals like kids and visitors?. If you obstruct it entirely, even you cannot access it. Sysprobs previously released a guide about blocking Facebook on Windows 7 computer system in several methods. This guide primarily demonstrates how to obstruct sites in Windows 8.1 consisting of Facebook or other websites completely so that no one will have to gain access to on the computer system.

how to block facebook website in windows 8.1

How to Block Facebook Website in Windows 8.1  

1) The host file is modifying.
2) Block in the web router (by blocking the IP addresses of the sites).
3) Utilizing Web Explorer security settings.
4) Using Windows adult control.
5) Some other 3rd party tools.

We will be revealing the very first technique just. Customizing host file will obstruct the access to a site on the specific computer system. Customizing and blocking a site in web router (mainly ADSL) will prevent the gain access to for any computer systems, cell phones and tablets linking to the router or it's WiFi.

Other three techniques can be utilized in user control/level or password secured.
Block Site in Windows 8.1 consisting of Facebook by Modifying Host File.
This technique is extremely suggested for individuals have more than the conventional understanding of computer systems. Customizing host file mistakenly can result in other network problems. The host file is a system file utilized to map IP address to the name of a domain or site; it assists in solving DNS inquiry rapidly and in your area. When a customer PC aims to access a network name, to start with it will check out host file to learn the IP matching with the name, if it's not there, then it will go to DNS server.
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By customizing the host file, we can offer an incorrect IP for a site which has to be obstructed in Windows 8.1. So the PC or web internet browser will attempt to access the site with wrong intellectual property and lastly stop working.

1) Because the host file is an essential system file, a few of the current Anti-infection software application do not permit customizing it. You might have to provide the exception for the host file or disable the anti-infection software application briefly.

2) Open the host file and get in IP for the sites you have to obstruct. By default is the local host IP. When an internet browser attempts to gain access to this blocked site, it will stop working because the regional computer system is not hosting the official site.

3) Follow this overview of modifying host file in Windows 8.1 or 8.

Here is the sample host file which obstructs twitter and facebooks in Windows 8.1 computer system.

how to block facebook website in windows 8

When the host file is modified and conserved as above effectively, twitter and facebook will not deal with the computer system.