How To Add Facebook Events To Google Calendar

How to add Facebook events to Google calendar - Blog writer and techie Sean Bonner uses a dead easy method to keep all your Facebook occasions synced up with your Google Calendar, so you do not need to handle two entirely different social calendars to keep your days directly.

how to add facebook events to google calendar

Even if you do not utilize Facebook all that typically (or possibly correctly if you do not), this is a good alternative. When established, you can inspect one calendar (your Google Calendar) to see exactly what's happening with your Facebook pals and with whatever else you have hooked into GCal. Getting it established is basic:

How To Add Facebook Events To Google Calendar

  1. On Facebook, go to your OCCASIONS page.
  2. At the top of that page click EXPORT OCCASIONS
  3. You'll get an appear window with a URL, copy it.
  4. In Google Cal, on the bottom left you'll see 'Other Calendars' and listed below that a connect to INCLUDE Click ADD.
  5. Among the brand-new alternatives, you'll exist with is ADD BY URL, choose that
  6. Paste the URL from Facebook where it asks for it.
  7. Fin
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I never examine my Facebook occasions calendar till events pass me by. However, I'm constantly watching on GCal. After performing this easy setup, you will not have to stress as much about missing out on an occasion even if you're not all that huge on Facebook.