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Facebook text overlay tool - Digital online marketers who promote on Facebook recognize with these platforms being accurate on the quantity of text that remains in ads. To make sure a fantastic user experience, Facebook set up a guideline that stated just 20% of your advertisement could be text-based. The network would disapprove any ads that have a text overlay higher than 20% for marketing. This developed a difficulty for online marketers and style groups-- continuously asking the concern internally, "Is the text on this image higher than 20%," or "How do I produce the very best call to action guaranteeing my text does not surpass 20% of the picture?"

Facebook Text Overlay Tool

Well, Facebook heard your issues and just recently launched a brand-new Facebook Text Overlay Tool for Marketers. Rather of creating your advertisement, submitting it to Facebook and hoping it gets authorized-- now you can take your ads and publish them to the Text Overlay Tool which will instantly offer you four rankings for your advertisement-- OKAY, Low, Medium, and High. Here is exactly what each of these rankings suggests:

OKAY-- This is the very best ranking you can get-- it indicates the text on your advertisement did not cover more than 20% of your image inning accordance with Facebook and your ad's reach will not be impacted.
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Low-- A ranking of Low from the Text Overlay Tool suggests that your advertisement was close to being under 20% text, however, possibly it went a little over. In the past, this advertisement would have been disapproved and not perform at all. Now, Facebook will enable an advertisement with a "Low" ranking to run. Nevertheless, your reach will not be as high as an advertisement with a ranking of "OKAY.".

Medium-- If you get a ranking of the medium then your advertisement had excessive text and your reach will be impacted far more.

High-- This ranking showed you had lots of text within your ad. Facebook might not even run your advertisement if you have a High ranking.
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While this brand-new tool is excellent for marketers to understand right now what does it cost? The text is on their imaginative-- it can likewise work versus you if you do not fix the advertisements. The old Facebook policies were black and white-- if your advertisement is over 20% text, it will not perform at all. Now, there is a gray location where your ad will keep up a ranking lower than "OKAY" however your reach will be impacted. Even if Facebook will now enable these advertisements to run, does not suggest it is the finest practice for the marketer. Effecting reach can eventually change your impressions, engagement, and ROI.

As a marketer you must continue to follow the same standards, producing advertisements with small text for a much better visual user experience. Keep in mind, logo designs, numbers, and watermarks still count as text in your ads. Have a look at the Text Overlay Tool here.

To get the most from each project, utilize the Text Overlay Tool to make sure every advertisement you publish has an "OKAY" ranking and will reach your target market most successfully.