Facebook Page Profile Picture Size

Facebook will increase the size of profile images on all organization and fan pages on Thursday, inning accordance with an e-mail the business sent out to page owners. Facebook page profile picture size...

facebook page profile picture size

The brand-new profile photo will look like 160 × 160 pixels and will sit 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the page. This will not impact Pages that utilize unique images for their Facebook page profile picture size and cover picture. However, pages that include the profile photo into the cover image-- as seen in the example below-- ought to know that the modification might impact their styles.
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Pages' profile images will now exist as the same size as users' profile pictures. Formerly, pages' profile pictures looked like 125 × 125 pixels, though some pages observed Facebook checking the brand-new size previously this month. The complex feature of profile images on the website is that the uploaded image should be a minimum of 180 × 180 pixels, then Facebook resizes the image on users' screens.

We have offered a visualization of the brand-new specifications listed below. Inning accordance with Facebook, the modification will enter into effect at some point on Thursday.