Facebook Mobile Site

Facebook's app isn't as bad as it utilized to be. However it still has its reasonable share of issues: it's a little sluggish, drains your battery even when you aren't utilizing it, and needs all sorts of approvals on your phone. Want something much better? The Facebook mobile site is almost similar ... without all the crap.

facebook mobile site

This suggestion is old as dirt, however someplace along the line, we forgot Facebook's mobile website and ITworld advised us about it today. If you're continuously annoyed by the Facebook app, here's exactly what you have to do to obtain rid of it.

Facebook Mobile Site

Android users:

  • Open the Play Shop app and look for Facebook. Click the Uninstall button on its first page. (If it came pre-installed and you cannot eliminate it, go to Settings > Accounts and only delete your Facebook account. It'll serve the same function).

  • Open your internet browser of option and go to facebook.com. Visit, then push the Menu button and conserve Facebook's webpage to your bookmarks.

  • Go to your house screen and long-press on a void. Select Shortcuts from the menu, choose Bookmark and click the Facebook bookmark you naturally developed. Now you have a Facebook faster way on your house screen that takes you to a quicker, permission-free, more battery-friendly Facebook.

iPhone users:

  • Press and hang on the Facebook app and click the "X" to uninstall it.

  • Open Safari, go to facebook.com and log in.

  • Click the "Share" button in Safari's bottom bar and pick "Contribute to House Screen." Call it whatever you desire, then tap "Include." Now you have a Facebook faster way on your house screen that takes you to a quicker, more battery-friendly Facebook.

iPhone users will not observe as huge of a modification as Android users do. However, it deserves a shot if your Facebook app appears sluggish.
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If you require alerts, ITworld suggests switching on e-mail alerts rather, which ought to assist a bit with the battery issues on Android. How sucky Facebook's app depends upon your phone (the mobile website is visibly quicker on my Galaxy Nexus), so if you discover that Facebook's app is satisfying, then clearly you have no requirement for this suggestion.

However, if you cannot stand to utilize the main Facebook app one 2nd longer, you 'd marvel how excellent the mobile website is. Apart from a couple of gestures and animations, you'll hardly see a distinction.