Facebook Game Cards Redeem

Facebook game cards redeem - With Facebook Video game Cards, you will have the ability to purchase products for your preferred video games and applications. This is an alternative payment technique if you do not have a charge card. If you have a Facebook Video game Card and want to redeem it for your app and in-app purchases, continue to step 1.

Facebook Game Cards Redeem


Facebook Game Cards Redeem

1.Go to https://www.facebook.com/gamecards?a=redeem.

  • This is the site you will utilize to redeem your Video game Cards.

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2. Click "Redeem Code." At the middle of the screen, click the green "Redeem Code" button.

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3. Scratch the Video game Card. At the back of your Video game Card, there will be a silver-colored scratch location.

  • Scratch this position with a coin to expose the code.
  • Do not scratch too hard, to prevent harming the underlying letters and numbers.

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Check here:
4. Get in the PIN code. On the Reveal Code screen, go into the alpha-numeric code that you scratched at the back of the Video game Card.

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5. Click "Redeem" at the bottom of the redeem window. You will be given the currency window.

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6. Select a currency. Click your suitable money to transform the Video game Card worth to your regional currency.

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7. Click "Continue.".

  • Your Facebook account will be credited with the worth of your Video game Card.