Facebook Full Site Messages

Facebook full site messages - If you resemble me, you are irritated with current modifications to how we see our messages. Beginning previously today, I can not see my messages full screen. Rather, when I click the alert icon, they appear in the Messenger screen.

Luckily, assistance is here. Let us reveal you a workaround we found that enables us to see our messages complete screen once again.

Facebook Full Site Messages

ACTION ONE: Click the message alert icon.

Facebook full site messages

STEP 2: Click the message you wish to see in the drop-down menu like you generally would.

facebook full site other messages
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ACTION 3: Click the EQUIPMENT icon Facebook Equipment in the CHAT WINDOW to open the ALTERNATIVES menu.

full screen chat messages

STEP 4: Select SEE COMPLETE DISCUSSION in the drop-down menu.

How to see full messages in Facebook Full Screen Messages

STEP 5: Enjoy your messages, as normal.