Facebook Full Site Link

This short article is directing to that person who might be questioning ways to go to Facebook full site link with their cellphones.

Whenever you go to www.facebook.com on your cellphone's web internet browser, you will be instantly be rerouted to the mobile website which is m.facebook.com.

Listen, my blog understand there are times when you want to access the complete website to access some functions which are not offered on their mobile site, that is the real factor for this short article.

Facebook full site link

Here are the actions to follow to access their complete website on smartphones.

Facebook Full Site Link

  1. See www.facebook.com on your mobile web internet browser, and you would be rerouted to m.facebook.com.
  2. Login to your Facebook account.
  3. Now as soon as you have visited, enter www.facebook.com/topic.php on your web browser's address bar and strike your send out or go into the button.
  4. You would be rerouted to facebook's complete website on your cell phone.
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