Facebook Error

Facebook error - I lastly get my Samsung get in touch with Facebook once again. So I am sharing the service that worked for me as well as two alternative services that appear work OKAY to make your free link once again and eliminate the "Connection Lost" message.

Because two weeks ago I kept getting the bothersome "Connection Lost" message whenever I opened the facebook app for android. For the record, I own a Samsung Galaxy S II. However, I believe this Facebook mistake will take place to a lot of smart devices (Android, iPhone.).

Facebook Error

The Option

There are three methods to repair the connection issue:

1.- Update to the most recent software application: Go to "Google Play" (previously referred to as "Android Market") and choose MY APPS > UPDATE.

This service does not work for me. However, I have read it resolved for some users.

2.- Modification your password by going to you Android Settings -> Manage Applications -> Facebook -> Clear Data.

With this, it will resolve most issues. I truthfully do not comprehend why this modification works, however, It works a charm for many phones.

3.- Completely Uninstall and Re-Install Facebook Application from Google play. This repaired the connection lost issue for me. Only go to Play Shop (on your Android gadget) or Appstore (on iPhone) and go to Installed Applications and choose Facebook Uninstall.
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Then search once again for Facebook and re-install. You will be triggered for your password and after that, it will SYNCHRONIZE and will work once again.

I hope among this services for the Facebook "Connection Lost" issue will assist you and resolve your issue Facebook error.