Facebook Cover Photo Ideal Size

The Facebook cover photo ideal size. It seems like it must be so simple to select one, but discovering the best picture feels incredibly hard at the very same time.

You just get one; one image, one shot to make a great impression, one possibility to communicate a unique sensation, so exactly what should it be?

Your Facebook cover image is among the very first things individuals will see when they visit your Facebook page, which is precisely why it is so crucial to make the very best impression possible and for the cover picture to communicate precisely what it is you are going for. Despite the fact that it sounds easy, we have discovered that it's quite hard! No concerns, however, we're here to assist you.

Let's leap in and find out the very best method to make the most from your Facebook cover image, together.

Facebook cover photo ideal size

Exactly what's Facebook Cover Photo Ideal Size?

The very best image size to utilize for your Facebook cover is ... well, it can differ. Inning accordance with Facebook, your cover photo:

  • Screens at 828 pixels large by 315 pixels high on your Page on computer systems and 640 pixels large by 360 pixels high on smartphones
  • Doesn't show on function phones
  • Must be at least 399 pixels large and 150 pixels tall
  • Loads fastest as an sRGB JPG file that's 851 pixels broad, 315 pixels high and less than 100 kilobytes.
Whoa, all right. So exactly what does all that mean?

It implies that although we just get one picture, Facebook is going to utilize it in 2 various methods:

  • In the rectangle-shaped format of 828 x 315 px for desktops; 
  • and the ever-so-slightly more squarish format of 640 x 360 px for mobile.
Pro Pointer: If you discovered an image that you like and the measurements are a bit off, you could still utilize it! You'll wish to pick that picture (or submit it), and after that, you'll be enabled to 'rearrange' it. With the recorder function, Facebook is permitting you to crop your cover image in such a way that you believe finest fits in the area.

Desktop vs. Mobile

It's terrific constantly to be conscious that cover pictures on computer systems and cover pictures on mobile appearance various.

For instance, here's how a cover image searches a laptop:

facebook cover photo best size

And here's how it searches in the Facebook mobile app:

facebook cover photo size 2017
Why not try these out:
They look comparable, however there some crucial distinctions:

  • On mobile, the left and best sides of the image gets cut a bit while the leading and bottom parts are somewhat broadened-- exactly what's cool here is that Facebook does not extend and squeeze the same image, they alter the crop. This is amazing since it guarantees that your image looks its finest by not misshaping anything.
  • The profile image is fixated mobile vs. being put on the left on computer systems.

Desktop sizing guide

Facebook offers a genuinely fresh graphic revealing you exactly what all those numbers appear like for a cover picture of a computer system. It's practical likewise to imagine the measurements of your profile image so that your cover image fits entirely around it which important details isn't concealed by it, your title/website or the Facebook buttons at the lower right.

facebook cover photo size dimensions

Check Your Style on Mobile

If you're utilizing text on your cover image, like a telephone number, you'll wish to pop over to the Facebook mobile app to take a peek only to make sure there's absolutely nothing wonky going on. For instance, the last character or more of a URL being cut off the right-hand side or essential information that may now be lost under the rearranged profile image.