Facebook App Download | Why Can't I Download Facebook App

Facebook's iOS 7 enhanced app is having some huge problems today around. After being upgraded, lots of users are reporting that they are not able to Facebook App download and it's been crashing on the launch. Today, updated variation v6.7.1 was started with bug repairs. Nevertheless, lots of users are merely not able to download Facebook app upgrade from the App Shop.

Facebook App Download

The mistake "Why can't I download Facebook app. "Facebook" might not be downloaded at this time." programs up when you attempt to upgrade Facebook on iOS. Comparable mistake likewise appears when you try updating it from iTunes on the desktop which is providing "There was an issue downloading the artwork for Facebook." error message. These both mistakes verify that something is failing with the iOS 7 Facebook app. Nevertheless, we aren't sure if it is at the completion of Facebook or some issue with Apple's App Shop.

Why can't I download facebook app

If you are among those users who are not able to utilize Facebook when download stopped working on you, an incredibly fast repair is to erase the Facebook app and re-install it once again from the App Shop. This one although does not set up the extremely most current variation, however, it a minimum of lets you to utilize the app up until back-end problems gets resolved.
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Another technique to utilize Facebook when download stops working is by merely tapping on the circular icon in the App Shop. The app will enter to upgrade mode [do not touch on set up], and you will have the ability to utilize. This one worked for my iPad.

Let us understand if you are dealing with the very same concerns, and whether any of these two repairs fixed it for you. If you have other concepts, do share!