Why Can't I Login To Facebook?

Why Can't I Get On Facebook?

why can't i login to facebook

If you have problem visiting and why can't I login to Facebook? it might be because of among the following:

Your password might be inaccurate. Click the "forgot password" link at the bottom of the log-in screen and you ought to get an e-mail to obtain back into your account. If you produced an account through Facebook, you would wish to utilize the e-mail connected with your Facebook account.

Your 2-factor code might be inaccurate. If you have established 2-Factor Permission, check that the system you are going into from your mobile phone is proper and present. The code will alter every 45 seconds.
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A plug-in is hindering the system. Attempt visiting from an incognito window. If this works, inspect your web browser plug-ins for anything that may obstruct Javascript and disable it. A software application that spoofs the IP address, or handles passwords is the most likely to interfere.

Your ISP or cell service might be interfering. If you utilize Telefonica Movistar, this might be the offender. If absolutely nothing occurred when you struck 'send' (no 'incorrect password' or anything- this is the case).

You might have to verify your e-mail. Inspect your e-mail and spam filters for an e-mail from us asking you to verify your account.

If none of these appear to be the case, send us a note here so we can assist get you signed back in!