Who Has Been Looking At My Facebook

Sadly, you cannot see who has been looking at my Facebook. Not yet anyhow, though lots of people want to have the ability to ... so ideally Facebook will listen.

who has been looking at my facebook

Who's Been Looking At My Facebook

There are lots of apps and videos that declare to assist you to see details on who has been viewing your profile; sadly they have a standard issue. They do not do exactly what they declare to do and will either set up an infection or will be attempting to get your username and password from you.

The other technique they utilize is to spam all your pals.

Obviously, they do this by getting you to provide approval when you download the app, they just do not, in fact, inform you that.
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So unless Facebook themselves reveal that they have made this possible, please presume it isn't really. It's a pity. However, I think Facebook have their factors.

Another thing worth pointing out is that to set up an app that even declares to examine who has been seeing your profile breaks Facebook guidelines, so you run the risk of being prohibited - severe, however, regrettably, real.