Who Can See My Friends List On Facebook

Danelle composes: Love your suggestions about who can see my friends list on Facebook. Do you understand of any method to not enable Facebook buddies to see other pals profiles? I have a buddy that sleuths and I do not desire any remarks made to any of my other buddies that would trigger damage. Any ideas? Thanks ... fantastic task!

Hello friends, and thank you! So, here's the offer: No, you cannot honestly avoid a Facebook buddy from seeing the profiles of your other pals-- although, ideally, your friends have modified their personal privacy settings to keep non-friends from seeing their posts and profiles (a.k.a., "timelines").

who can see my friends list on facebook setting

And if you have shared Facebook pals, you'll simply need to see exactly what you state about one another on Facebook, similar to you perform in reality.

However here's something else to think about: You can, if you like, keep one, some, or all your pals from poking around your Facebook good friend list.

Undoubtedly, you, in fact, have a fair bit of latitude when it pertains to identifying who can see my friends list on facebook-- and who cannot.
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For instance, you can conceal your Facebook pal list from the whole world, if you want, or make it viewable by anybody and everybody, conserve for one particular frenemy.

who can see my friends list on facebook

Here's the technique ...

  • Go to your Facebook timeline and discover the Buddies module, then hover your mouse over the right-hand corner. See the little pencil icon that appears? Click it, then choose "Edit Personal privacy.".

  • You must now see an "Edit Personal privacy" pop-up window, with the "Buddy List" personal privacy setting at the extremely leading. Click the pull-down menu at the bottom of the Buddy List heading, and select an alternative-- anything from Public (implying anybody on Facebook can see your list of buddies) to Just Me (which conceals your pal list from everybody, other than for you).

  • Wish to cover your real friend list from a particular somebody? One choice is to include that individual to your Associate's list, then choose "Pals other than Associates" as your buddy list personal privacy setting.

  • Or, here's another concept: Select "Customized" from the personal privacy pull-down menu, then include the name of your meddlesome pal in the "Do not share this with" area. You might then (for instance) make your companion list public for everybody other than your one so-called good friend by choosing "Public" from the "Share this with" menu.

Hope that assists, Danelle. Still, have concerns? Let me understand!