What Is A Restricted Friend On Facebook

Hey there Facebookers! What is a restricted friend on Facebook? It feels wrong when somebody stalks our profile and does abuse of that. Even in some cases, you cannot obstruct them even if he or she is your buddy. Some individuals interfere in your life by sending out pal demand to your other buddies. It is bothersome, right?

Now you can tackle this issue by utilizing this technique. It is the very best approach to conceal your timeline post from one particular individual or group of persons. You do not have to obstruct then or unfriend them. Merely you simply need to put their names on the limited list which's it! There are some restrictions about this technique that we will go over later on. So continue reading and conceal your all timeline post with one particular pal.

what is a restricted friend on facebook

What Is A Restricted Friend On Facebook?

This technique is truly fundamental, and it is various from obstructing. In obstructing, you cannot engage with another individual anyways. However, in the limited list, you can communicate, message as well as share post quickly. The limited list is like fans list. It is the bit various from buddies on Facebook. The only distinction is that the individual who remains in your limited list can see all your "Public" post.

That implies the posts which you shared as that person can regard "Public." If you publish as "Buddies," then he cannot see or communicate with that post which will assist you to decrease the stress of stalkers! The very best part of this technique is the other individual will never understand that you published or shared on Facebook unless it remains in "Public" mode. Cool right?
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If you do not know much about personal privacy settings, then discover more about Facebook personal privacy to comprehend this idea much better. Let us see how we can include individuals to this list and conceal all posts from the bachelor.

Conceal Timeline Posts from Single Pal

Visit your Facebook Profile and click settings.

what does a restricted friend on facebook see

  • When you get settings page, click "Stopping."
  • Now see the very first area. The limitation list. Click "Edit List."

what does making a friend restricted on facebook do

You can see a turn-up. Select individuals, you wish to include this list and click "End up."

what does a restricted friend on facebook mean

That's it! Now utilize Facebook without the stress of these individuals.

You can modify Facebook limitation list anytime. You can include more people using the same technique. Just choose and include. After contributing to this list, they cannot see your post unless you share it openly. Now after adding them to this list, it's your task to look after the personal privacy of your post. Consistently post as "Pals." And if you have something to show public then go on. If you have any issue or concerns in mind, please remark listed below. I will attempt to fix as quickly as possible.

I hope after this you will be totally free to utilize Facebook without the stress of these stalkers. Pleased Networking!