Lowe's 50 Coupon on Facebook

Lowe's 50 coupon on Facebook - There's a Facebook post walking around on the interwebs that declare Lowe's is handing out 50% off vouchers. The post is A PHONY and potentially a prospective phishing fraud.

Lowe's 50 coupon on facebook

Lowe's 50 Coupon on Facebook

Posts like this on Facebook aren't all too unusual. However, that's not constantly kept in mind by users. They see a discount rate, and they go all out. All these deals have two things in typical-- there is no discount coupon and the business discussed in the posts are not taking part in the "promo.".

If you click the link in the post, it takes you to a site where you are advised to share the post and "like" a Facebook page. Comparable frauds have been connected to business consisting of Amazon, Finest Buy, House Depot, and Costco.
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Individuals have been publishing on the Lowe's Facebook page inquiring about the promo. Lowe's reacted with this declaration:.

" Regrettably this promo on Facebook is a phishing fraud and is not gotten in touch with Lowe's in any method. Please beware when reacting to any turn-up advertisement either online or using social networks; as, usually, the deal of present cards or other rewards to a consumer's in the guise of a particular business are established to obtain your personal info for dubious functions.".