Instagram Not Posting To Facebook

Instagramers: Instagram not posting to Facebook - Your images might not be publishing to timeline OR your news feed, however, will just enter into an Instagram folder on Facebook. IG understands the issue, however, appears more concentrated on the News Feed part. My IG pix stopped publishing two days earlier and do not post to either the news feed or the timeline.

Instagram not posting to facebook

Here's the dates from IG:

Instagram Not Posting To Facebook

I found that you can by hand require Instagram to publish to your Facebook Timeline

instagram not posting to facebook 2017

Click Activity Log:

instagram not posting in facebook

Scroll to discover your Instagram pictures which did not publish to your timeline.
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Besides the icon regarding who sees them is a circle, click the circle. Modification Allowed on Timeline to Revealed on Timeline.You will have to do this for each product that is missing out on from your timeline.