How To Tag Someone On Facebook Mobile

Facebook permits you to tag your buddies or a public page in your status and remarks, and anybody can be quickly tagged if you are utilizing Facebook on your PC or rather on a Mobile phone (Android, iOS or WP), however there is no chance offered by Facebook to tag individuals by means of its fundamental mobile site (other than for pictures and check-in) and for this reason keeps countless function phone (like Nokia Asha, Samsung REX and other entry level phones) users far from this terrific service. How to tag someone on Facebook mobile...

how to tag someone on facebook mobile android

Nevertheless, there is a method utilizing which you can tag your pals and pages in your statuses or remarks even from a standard service phone. All you require is a bit of effort and an internet browser which can copy and paste text.

Tagging Facebook Pals on Function Phones | How To Tag Someone On Facebook Mobile

To tag your pals on your Nokia Asha or other function phones, you require an internet browser with copy paste assistance. Opera Mini or UC Internet browser can quickly do this then the majority of the Nokia Asha phones have an integrated clipboard with support for copying and pasting text.

  • Open and login if you are not currently visited.

  • Open your buddy's profile (whom you want to tag) and copy his profile URL (the page address). It will look something like
  • Now you have to discover the digital profile ID of your buddy. There are two methods to do that. Pick whichever you find dull.

  • *Modify the Facebook profile URL of your good friend and change with Leave the remainder of the URL undamaged.
  • *Else, only open and paste the Profile URL of your buddy (copied in action 2) into the textbox offered there and click numerical Lookup ID ...

  • Copy the 16-didit numerical ID which appears. If you have utilized the chart replacement in the URL (in action 3), copy the binary code (without quotes) composed beside "id."

  • Open Facebook once again and paste this numerical code into the textbox where you type your status.

  • Prefix an @ [in front of the numerical id and a:] at its end. When appropriately done, it will look something like this:
@ [602287436455165:] 
  • Include all the text you wish to add into the status or remark. You can add text in front of the digital ID to press the tagged name a little behind. An appropriately done situation will look something like this:
Hey @[100004690410261:]. Just testing out something for @[602287436455165:] bro.
  • Release the remark or status when you're done modifying it. The above example appears like the following when released:

How to tag someone on facebook mobile
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You can keep the Numerical IDs of your preferred contacts as a bookmark in your internet browser so that you can rapidly copy and paste it whenever required. If your phone supports native copying and pasting, you can likewise utilize this in the Facebook app on your function phone.

You can also follow the comparable tutorial to tag your buddies while using Facebook on SMS. All you'll require is the numerical ID of your good friend's Facebook profile.