How To Tag All Friends On Facebook

Facebook is leading social media network nowadays, and all people utilize it regularly however so of its functions are time taking in i.e., tagging your all Facebook pals on a status you publish was extremely hard without using technique now you can tag all your good friends quickly with this method, so you wish to tag all your Facebook pals on a status? How to tag all friends on Facebook? Regrettably Facebook Status has a limitation of 20 tags. You can not tag more than 20 individuals on a status, However, wait, You can still send out the alert to your pals using a Remark Reference rather.

Now you must be questioning how you can point out a lot of good friends by hand? Well, you do not have to fret about that.

Here I'm sharing a cool technique to discuss all your pals in a single click.

How to tag all friends on facebook

How To Tag All Friends On Facebook

Action 1

Log into your Facebook account, and publish a status.

Action 2

Click the time-stamp of your status. I.e., couple of seconds back

how to tag all friends on facebook at once
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Action 3

Now press CTRL+SHIFT+J to open JavaScript console.

In the console box, paste the script provided listed below, and struck get in. In a couple of seconds, all your real friends will be discussed in talk about the status immediately.

Get the JavaScript from here

Wait 5 seconds, click Avoid Advertisement in the top-right corner and copy the code.

how to tag all friends on facebook status at once

I have checked this technique, and it works best in Google Chrome.

CAUTION: If you have a lot of pals, please beware with this technique. Do not utilize it once again and once again. Your remarks can be obstructed.