How To Sign Out Of Facebook Messenger App

A while back, Facebook powerfully chose Facebook Messenger needed to differ from Facebook. Unusually, the app does not have a logout button like the first Facebook app: when you remain in, you stay in for life, and great deals of individuals aren't delighted about that. That's why today, we'll reveal you the ambiguous how to sign out of Facebook Messenger App.

how to sign out of facebook messenger app

To log out of Facebook Messenger, you have to enter into the Settings of your Android gadget.

  • Close the app if you have it open, and eliminate it from your current apps list. Otherwise, this technique will not work.
  • In Settings, scroll down to the Apps or Application Supervisor, and scroll down till you see Messenger.
  • Tap on this, and Clear information.

Now when you return to tap on Messenger in your app drawer, you must see that it will not log you in instantly. That stated, your profile name will exist, so you can just tap on it to begin Messenger, without having to check in.
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If you wish to totally log out, so that your name does not even appear, then you have to sign from the Facebook app also, because Messenger is now entirely incorporated. If another person wishes to utilize your phone to examine their Facebook messages, they simply have to tap Change Account to sign into their account.

how to sign out from facebook messenger application

This workaround approach is a bit frustrating. However, it's the only manner in which you can do it in the meantime. And Facebook does not appear eager to alter the scenario. If you are frustrated by Facebook in a primary, you may wish to think about providing it the boot and attempting among our finest Facebook options.

Exactly what do you consider Facebook's choice to make Messenger a different app? Does it irritate you that there's no logout button? Let us understand in the remarks.