How To Share A Gif On Facebook

Social media website Facebook has simply made a modification that will lighten up all our lives - it's now supporting animated GIFs published by any of its 1.4 billion users. How to share a GIF on Facebook?

Formerly, we might post connect to our preferred GIFs. However, anybody who wished to see them would need to click through and be eliminated from the website.

Now they will immediately play in our good friends' news feeds and on our profiles.

Exactly what does this suggest? We lastly have a method of effectively revealing our feelings in our status updates - along with our love of felines. There's one for each event ...

Like when you see your ex on a night out however still handle to remain fantastic

Or when you have no concept exactly what's happening with your life.

how to share a gif on facebook

How to share a GIF on Facebook?

Well, it's quite uncomplicated. All you need to do is paste the connect to the GIF of your option into your status upgrade bar - and struck post!

Only make certain the link you're posting ends in '. Gif', like this one:

We even checked it for you. This is how it will appear in your pals' news feeds.

how to share a gif on facebook chat

As soon as you paste in the URL, the GIF will pack, and you can include your text to the upgrade area above.
Find more info:
You can discover GIFs anywhere - by browsing on Google images, on Tumblr or websites like Giphy and Imgur.

If yours does not work yet, then only hold tight. Facebook are rolling it out throughout all users, so quickly you will have the ability to spam your buddies with moving pictures of felines consuming pizza.

Delighted GIFing!