How To See Who's Looking At Your Facebook Profile

Fraud Message how to see who's looking at your Facebook profile:

Nice !! it is out individuals !!! Now I see who visits my Timeline this today. Now I know who are my genuine Timeline visitors are! Thanks to this application! Examine yours here!

how to see whos looking at your facebook profile

Rip-off Type: Rogue Application, Study Fraud, Profile Audience.
Trending: December 2012.

Why it's a Fraud:

Clicking the scam link takes you straight to Facebook application setup screen:

how to see who is looking at your facebook page
How to see who looking at your Facebook page 

Clicking "Permit" will provide the authorizations revealed above to the fraudster. This will enable them to spam their rip-off messages to all your good friends. Do you wish to let an unidentified (rip-off) designer have this much access to your Facebook info? These rip-offs are understood to utilize numerous Facebook apps to spread out virally throughout Facebook.

Anytime you set up a 3rd party Facebook application; you provide the application designer access to your individual information. Constantly be selective on the apps you installed, and just install them from popular, relied on sources.

Advancing with the setup reroutes you to the next study rip-off:

how to see who is looking at your facebook
How to see who is looking at your Facebook

It is essential to bear in mind that any Facebook application using to who you who has seen or visited your profile is particular to be a rip-off. Facebook does not enable designers access to the information needed to produce such apps. Prevent them ALL! In reality, here are Facebook's assistance subjects on the topic:

How to see who is looking at my Facebook profile (timeline) or how frequently it's being seen?

This fraud likewise attempts to persuade users that Facebook established the application. First of all, if Facebook ever chooses to allow a profile seeing function, you can be particular that every important blog site and mainstream media outlet will be covering the story. It will be huge news. Second of all, anytime you see an URL in the following format you can be particular that you are handling a 3rd party Facebook application: 'http://apps [dot] facebook [dot] com/app _ name_here.'

We suggest that users set up BitDefender Safego, a Facebook application that will scan your News Feed and assistance keep you safe from rip-offs like this.
You can try this out:

Ways to Handle the Rip-off:

If you did make the error of setting up the rogue application, you are now spamming the same spam message to your pals. Clean-up your newsfeed and profile to get rid of referrals to the fraud. (click the "x" in the leading right-hand man corner of the post).

You likewise have to get rid of the app from your Facebook account. Click the down triangle-- > Account Settings-- > Apps to eliminate this and other rogue applications.

How to see who is looking at my facebook

If you or your Facebook buddies are succumbing to techniques like this, it's time to obtain yourself notified of the current risks. Make sure to sign up with the Facecrooks page on Facebook to be kept advised of the current security problems.