How To See Deleted Posts On Facebook

A Facebook wall is a put on your profile that enables you and your good friends to publish and share details. In some cases, nevertheless, individuals can print several things on your wall or perhaps post awkward photos, videos, and remarks. If you erased some your wall posts, sadly Facebook does not permit you to recuperate them. You can, nevertheless, discover old wall posts somewhere else, such as notices, alert e-mails and often in Facebook mobile phone applications. How to see deleted posts on Facebook?

How to see deleted posts on facebook

How To See Deleted Posts On Facebook

Action 1

Visit your Facebook on a computer system. Click "Notices" in the upper-left corner of the page. Go through the alerts to see if any wall post alerts consist of the text of the fence post.

Action 2

Visit the e-mail account you utilize for Facebook. Type "Facebook" in the account's search bar to browse your e-mail for any from Facebook. Check out e-mails for wall post notices-- when Facebook e-mails you that somebody published on your wall, it consists of the text he posted.

Action 3

Log into Facebook to a smart device application. Open your profile and scroll through your wall posts. On some variations of smart device applications, erased wall posts might still show up, although they are not on your profile any longer.
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