How To Retrieve Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages

Here we will offer anyhow retrieve permanently deleted facebook messages on Android, and you can undertake.

how to retrieve permanently deleted facebook messages

How To Retrieve Deleted Messages From Facebook

Choice 1: Recuperate Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android from PC

There is a distinct function of Facebook Messenger- "Off the Web," which indicates your erased messages are still saved in your phone since of another copy of your messages in your phone memory. Before start, guarantee that you do not delete the cache folder on your Android phone.

1. Link your Android phone to PC using USB cable television, transfer to "Internal storage" or SD card, choose "Android" folder.

2. Pick "Information" in "Android" folder, discover and open "com.facebook.orca" folder.

3. Struck "FB-temp" folder under "Cache" folder, you will get your erased Messenger messages.

Choice 2: Obtain Lost Facebook Messages on Messenger for Android with GT Messenger Healing ...

1. Set up GT Messenger Healing for Android through Google Play. It will advise you to root initially if you have refrained from doing so.

2. Start examining Messenger setup.

3. Pick "Scan Deleted Chats, " and after scanning chooses messages, you have to complete the healing.
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Alternative 3: Bring back Android Facebook Messenger Messages from Archived Messages

The property behind in this manner is that you require guarantee you have archived Messenger messages on Facebook before.

1. Visit your Facebook account, press "Messages" to see a screen which reveals the list of your contacts.

2. Discover "search messages," type the contacts' names you wish to unarchive and click the names.

3. Go to "Actions" and select "Unarchive" to obtain the messages to your Facebook Messenger back.


If you do not know the best ways to archive the Messenger messages, you can follow this actions listed below.

1. Go to your Messenger, open your discussion list, pick the contacts you wish to archive and provide a long press.

2. Select "Archive" when a brand-new window comes out.