How To Remove Your Phone Number From Facebook

How to remove phone number from Facebook - Earlier today, we reported on how a security scientist handled to gather many contact number and their matching Facebook names with hardly any effort before the business might stop him. All he needed to do was compose an automated script to make use of some basic Facebook personal privacy settings.

how to remove phone number from facebook 2017

For its part, Facebook offered us this description of exactly what the script was making use of:
The capability to look for an individual by contact number is deliberate habits and not a bug in Facebook By default; your personal privacy settings permit everybody to discover you with search and buddy finder utilizing the contact information you have offered, such as your e-mail address and telephone number. You can customize these settings at any time from the Personal Privacy Settings page.
So, how do you secure yourself and how to remove your phone number from Facebook? There are three alternatives you have to understand about.

Limitation Who Can See Your Telephone number on Facebook

Go to, log in if you have not currently, and click your name in the top-left corner. Click the "Update Information" button on the ideal side. Under Contact Information, click the "Edit" button. Besides your contact number, there will be a drop-down menu. Ensure this choice is not set to "Public" which it a minimum of states "Buddies" and even "Just Me."

how to remove your phone number from facebook

This will ensure that if somebody sees your profile, they can not see your telephone number unless they are your buddy. This suggests that even if your profile is public (it most likely should not be), your phone number is not noticeable to the general public. Sadly, that's inadequate; see the next choice.
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Limitation Who Can Browse Your Telephone number on Facebook

This is the part that the scientist made use of to develop his Facebook phonebook. Even if your contact number is set to personal, somebody can still discover you if they have it. As such, if someone composes a script that selects random phone and looked for them on Facebook, as the security scientist did, they can connect the phone number to Facebook profiles, which include individuals' names and other details.

Here's the setting that began all of it:

how to remove phone number from facebook

Above you can see how the default alternatives appear like. To customize them, click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner on Facebook and select "Personal Privacy Settings." Next, scroll down to "How You Link" and click the blue "Edit Settings" link on the right-hand side.

Modification the "Who can look you up utilizing the e-mail address or telephone number you supplied?" to Buddies and anything else you believe ought to be altered. This will stop somebody from having the ability to look you up on Facebook if they have your contact number.

Eliminate Your Contact number From Facebook

If the above afraid you, possibly you should not have your phone on Facebook in the very first location. Follow the actions to eliminate your contact number from Facebook. If you do not offer details on Facebook, those who utilize the social media network cannot use it to discover you, or versus you.