How To Remove A Review From Facebook

Has your Facebook Page ever got a baseless 'Evaluation' by a disgruntled ex-employee or rival? How to remove a review from facebook?

Do you want there was a method to erase or conceal baseless evaluations that affect your Page's star ranking?

While not all unfavorable evaluations are destructive or baseless, there are offenses and abuse of Facebook's assessments and star ranking system. In reality, Facebook permits evaluations to be made independently, so Page owners will never understand who left the defamatory evaluation.

Listed below, we'll reveal you the best ways to quickly get rid of the Facebook 5 star ranking system and evaluates from your service Page.

About Facebook's Star Ranking System

Star scores and evaluations are a function of pages that have an address on their Page and enable check-ins. The 5-star rating system has prime real-estate on your Page simply under your Page name.

While Facebook declares to make blind tastings of evaluations to preserve credibility, this is by no implies a defend against evaluation attacks.

In reality, among the most sensitive locations for social networks attack to take place is your Facebook Page evaluates. While much easier to get rid of slanderous or impolite post remarks or posts by others that breach your Neighborhood Standards, it's not as apparent exactly what your alternatives are for managing attacks in your evaluations.

how to delete a review on facebook
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While you do have the capability to react to unfavorable assessments and report them to Facebook, you are presently not able to get rid of specific evaluations. There is a quick workaround nevertheless, which's eliminating the total star score and evaluation function from your Service Page. Here's how:

The best ways to get rid of Star Rankings and all Evaluations from your Facebook Page

How To Remove A Review On Facebook

If check-ins are not that essential to your Page or you discover your Page Reviews under vicious attack, you can quickly eliminate the star rankings and evaluations from your Page totally.

1.) Select Update Page Details.

How to remove a review from facebook

2.) Click Address.

3. Uncheck package listed below the map that state, Program map, check-ins and star rankings on the Page.

4. Make certain to conserve your modifications.

how to remove a review on facebook

You can continuously reactivate the rankings by examining package once again and conserving. All previous scores will nevertheless, be brought back as they were prior the elimination of the star ranking system.

Keep in mind that Facebook is continuously making modifications to its platform and the workaround for getting rid of the Star Rankings and Evaluation performance might alter as it has just recently. If you understand another method to do this, please share your remarks here.