How To Remove A Group From Facebook

Any Facebook user can produce a group where members share files and images and talk about problems connected to their subject. As the developer of a Facebook group, you're the administrator, and you can choose whom to welcome to your group and whether the group is public, personal or secret. To erase a group from Facebook and how to remove a group from Facebook, you need to eliminate all its members.

Just members who have been called administrator of the group can get rid of members, and if you didn't develop the group, you could not eliminate the group developer-- that individual needs to leave the team on his own.

how to remove a group from facebook

Directions: How To Remove A Group From Facebook

1. Check in on Facebook and gain access to your Facebook group.

2. Click "See all" beside "Members" on the ideal side of the page.

3. Click the "X" beside the name of a group member then click "Verify." Get rid of all members of the group.

4. Click "Back to Group."

5. Click "Leave and Erase Group" on the best side of the screen.

6. Click "Erase Group" in the brand-new window.
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