How To Remove A Facebook Account

In this post, we describe how you can disable and how to remove a Facebook account and go back to the timeless design.
how to remove a facebook account

You were utilizing Facebook's brand-new Timeline, however, a time that you have done you have observed that choose to have the timeless design as previously. You do not like modification; you choose the timeless design, that is why you are here reading this entry?

Fortunately is that how to remove a Facebook account Timeline, if it is that you did it through an application, it is rather basic, and comprehend you, this appears like Facebook or anything ... so let's begin with the elimination of this monstrosity:

First off, the best ways to set up Timeline through an application, exactly what are going to do is to uninstall it to obtain rid of it which whatever will resemble in the past. To do this, you simply need to gain access to this website:
The link above is the site where you can allow and erase my facebook account apps as you desire, so insurance coverage can assist you to eliminate those other applications that when you set up and not utilize.

To gain access to Facebook Developers you need to be visited your Facebook account and, nevertheless, you'll see that for security factors, the system goes back to ask the password.

You must see a page like this ...

On this page, the material appears to them however you need to do click the "Applications" link that is displayed at the top of the page. If you do not see that page do not stress, since it is possible to go straight to the page principal, which is this other page:

On this page that appears, you will see a list of your active applications, among them is that triggers the Timeline left wing. The name of the application differs in each case because it will be that you provided you when you installed it.
Click here now:
If you have some, and you do not remember exactly what you can pass clicking every one of them to find it. When you have it, you must click the "Edit Open Chart" link, as displayed in the image above.

Lastly, it will take you to another page where you can get rid of the application in concern. You simply need to click a little X that appears simply next to "Send out-- Get Code," note because there are many X:

Lastly, you will see a drifting window where you need to verify that you wish to eliminate the application's Timeline. Click 'Confirm, ' and you're done!

If you have done all the actions well, just visit your Facebook wall to see if whatever stays as it was before you trigger the Timeline.